Monday, 7 May 2012

Importance of house inspection

No matter whether you are buying or selling a house, you must be extremely careful while doing either of these. Whether you are a buyer or a seller, getting a house inspection done is the first and the foremost step. House – being a one-time investment for most is one of the biggest investments in their lives. Buying a house involves a great deal of money, so you would not want to end up making a wrong decision. You want your house to be strong and beautiful from inside as well as outside. You definitely do not want any leakages and gaps. For this you need to get a house inspection done. After the house inspection is completed, you will receive a condition report (tilstandsrapport) that will state the exact condition of the house.

It is better to be safe than sorry. So if you are buying a house, do get a house inspection done by a building expert (bygningssagkyndig) who has a good knowledge and experience in the field of house inspection. After he is done with the process, he will prepare a condition report that will provide an insight of whether it is wise to buy the house or not.

Home inspection is basically a limited, non-invasive examination of the condition of a home. People carry it out with the motive to know the hidden truths in the house. After a house inspection, a buyer or a seller will know exactly where the problem lies and what all repairs should be carried out. House inspection is extremely important as we do not have the expertise of the business expert who can help us in the decision making.

Today there is a latest technology used in house inspection known as Thermography (Termografi). Thermography, also known as infrared thermography is a part of infrared imaging science. This technology provides a clear picture of the house. Through this technology you get to know where you need to carry out the repairs that might be overlooked by a building expert.

If you are a seller selling your house, get a house inspection done immediately before putting the house up for sale. House inspection provides you with an opportunity to fix any problems before the potential buyer sees them. After you find the defects go ahead and get the repairs done. After all this, now you are ready to put your house up for sale. Buyers generally hire a building expert as they are planning on a huge investment. So if you are a seller, do have a condition report prepared in advance. The condition report rates (tilstandsrapport priser) charged are very nominal so everyone can afford it.

After knowing the defects through the condition report and then carrying out the repairs, now your house is ready for display. Now you have a better chance of getting a higher price for it.
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